Your Last Tuesday in Fifth Grade

This is our last week together this year. I know you are all so excited, but I am super sad. I miss you and am sad that I lost the past 11 weeks with you. But I also am very confident that you will do great in middle school. You have proven your flexibility and diligence in ways none of us could have fathomed! I am so proud of you.

Book drop off and personal item pick up is Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Please see the Bloomz app to sign up for a time slot. I am so excited to see you again!!

Yearbook/End of the Year School Car Parade (that’s a long title!) will be Friday. If your last name ends in A-L, drive through our winding circle from 2-3pm on Friday, May 29th. If your last name ends in M-Z, drive through from 3-4pm. See the email from Mrs. Imel for driving instructions!! See you there!! I will be dancing, crying and laughing all at the same time!

Zoom Classes for Tuesday, May 26, 2020

  • 12:10 Writing Class with Mrs. Riggan – Our last zoom writing class!

No Google Meet Office Visits for Tuesday, May 26, 2020

  • Schertz Office Hour is 11-11:45 in google meet
  • Just email Mrs. Riggan if you have any questions!

Schoolwork for 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

  • Bible: 
    • Character Trait Video
    • Poem Final:
      • Download the poem
      • Find your name/line in the poem
      • Highlight your line in the poem
      • Read your line from the poem 10 times out loud. Get it as smooth as possible. (It doesn’t have to be memorized, but you should be able to read it smoothly!)
      • Videotape yourself in landscape saying your part and submit it in the 5th grade graduation google classroom page by 3PM Wednesday.
  • 5th Grade Graduation Google Classroom Page:
    • Sign up if you haven’t already.
    • Create your talent show entry and upload it there.
      • Video of you:
        • singing
        • dancing
        • skateboarding
        • surfing
        • doing a sport
        • etc.
      • OR Upload:
        • a picture you took
        • a picture you drew
        • a picture of a sculpture you made
        • a picture of once of your crafts
  • Language Arts:
    • Spelling: Study the USA capitals and states in whatever way works best for you – There are two worksheets in google classroom for study help!
    • TEST!!! Do form 6A in google classroom
  • Writing: Zoom class at 12:15 PM “Fifth Grade Advice”. 
  • Math:
    • No Zoom
    • Start the EOY test (paper copy)
  • Social Studies: 
    • Study the USA capitals and states locations in whatever way works best for you.
    • Your State Project (it is due TODAY)
  • AR Reading (Goal is due May 29)

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