Thursday, March 26, 2020

I had fun at my office hour in google meet. There were 8 of you who showed up at one time or another! Not a lot of questions were asked, but it was nice seeing your beautiful faces! I will have another google meet today at 11, but I will only be there for a half-hour (unless there are a lot of questions). I will name this one “Hey There”! See you at 11!

Big thanks to the five of you who played today! It’s fun hearing your guesses (even though some of you are cheating a bit hahaha). If you are 12 or older, don’t go trick or treating if you are in Chesapeake City, Virginia. You will be breaking the law. You can’t wear a mask any day of the year either. So no dress-up, kids!

Today’s trivia (Grammar): What is wrong with this sign?

Image result for bad grammar signs


Thursday, March 26

  • Bible: Go to google classroom and take the Bible Quiz. 
  • Language Arts: 
    • Spelling: Have a parent, guardian or older sibling give you a practice spelling test. Tomorrow there will be a test google classroom! 
    • Reading: Do the CTQ’s from page 617 on a doc and submit in google classroom. Remember to label the top left corner, number your answers and give full complete sentences (capitals, periods, POQ, etc.). 
  • Math: Follow the instructions on Google Classroom
  • Writing: Finish the mozaic. Check out the video of ideas. Submit your mozaic by 5PM! 
  • Science: Do or at least watch the video of the experiment portion in google classroom. 
  • All AR goals are due by 5 PM May 27th for the 4th quarter.

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