Monday, March 23, 2020

You have been doing so great! I am so proud of all you have accomplished this week. Many of you have even done a google hangout or google meet with me and it has been so good to hear from you. If you want to schedule a time to do a hangout (text chat) or meet (facetime through google) let me know. I am in a couple of meeting today, but I have time before or after. Just let me know!

Today’s trivia is: which state was the first state to ratify a constitution and thus become the first member of the newly formed United States of America? Bonus question: what date did that happen? Remember to try to answer without looking it up!! Email me your guesses! Good luck!!

  • Bible: Copy the verse from the blog into the planner.
    • Do pages 151- 152 studying Daniel’s conflict #1.  
    • Answer the prompt in google classroom about this conflict. 
  • Language Arts: 
    • Spelling: Copy the words from the blog into your planner.
    • Reading: Start the vocab packet (for page 598 words) in google classroom. 
    • Read pages 598-599. Answer the prompt in google classroom.
  • Math: Follow the instructions on Google Classroom
  • Writing: Introduction to the new unit. Watch the video, then write (according to the directions in Google Classroom)
  • Social Studies: Finish your slides. They are due by 3 PM
  • All AR goals are due by 5 PM May 27th for 4th quarter. Start reading!!

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