Quarter 4. Week 1. March23-27, 2020

WOW!! We did it! We not only did a full week of remote learning (successfully, I might add), but we’ve made it 75% of the way through the school year! You are almost done with fifth grade! That is either a happy thought or a sad thought. For me, it is always sad. But this year so much more so since I am already missing you all so much!!

OK. Trivia question for yesterday was what two words make up the word “smog” and why did we use those two words. Those of you who emailed were all correct! Congratulations! Yes, smog is smoke plus fog. The smoke gets caught in our fog and creates a layer of “smog”. Good job. Check out the blog on Monday for that day’s trivia!!

Check the blog Monday at 8 Am for the daily schedule. Meanwhile, here’s the Bible Verse and spelling list for this week! There aren’t any bonus words until we get back to class. Sorry!

Bible Verse this week: 

Daniel 2:20-21 (NIV)

20“Praise be to the name of God forever and ever;
    wisdom and power are his.
21 He changes times and seasons;
    he deposes kings and raises up others.
He gives wisdom to the wise
    and knowledge to the discerning.


Spelling List Unit 5 Week 4:

    1. sadness
    2. harmless
    3. fearless
    4. foolishness
    5. fondness
    6. effortless
    7. fierceness
    8. forgiveness
    9. hopeless
    10. meaningless
    11. gladness
    12. emptiness
    13. needless
    14. weakness
    15. bottomless
    16. motionless
    17. darkness
    18. ceaseless
    19. fullness
    20. stillness


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