Summer Is Over!

I know, I know. Some of you might be lamenting that the summer break is coming to an end, and I love summers too. However, I am so excited to get to meet all of you and start our journey together this year.

This year we will use this blog a lot so it would be great for you to bookmark it on your home computer! It’s very easy. Just hit the star in the browser and fill in the information in the pop-up window.

Here’s how the blog will typically look in the future:

School Happenings:

  • August 21: All school Ice Cream Social 2-3:30!
  • August 22: First Day of School (meet at the line up by the tetherball pole at 8:30)
  • August 22: Kick off chapel (parents are welcome to go to the sanctuary as we pray over the new school year. (There’s a coffee social for parents after as well!)

Classroom Happenings:

  • Wednesday – Kick Off Chapel and Art
  • Thursday –  PE
  • Friday – Music, and Spanish


  • Wednesday: School supplies and a great attitude!
  • Thursday:  Unfinished classwork*
  • Friday: Spelling menu, unfinished classwork*

*Unfinished classwork could include math, writing, history, science, reading, etc. … please check the planners nightly.

Study on Your Own Schedule (pay attention to test schedule):

  • Spelling Menu

Upcoming Tests/Projects:

  • Friday 24: Spelling Quiz, WOD

Bible Verse: 

           None this week

Spelling List: 

  1. Riggan
  2. Ando
  3. Imel
  4. Smith
  5. Chartier

2 thoughts on “Summer Is Over!

  1. Hi Mendy, Hope you are having a good summer. Not sure if we should be on your class list. Although Aiden would love it if he were in your class 🙂 Best, Yvonne



    1. Yes, I will miss Aiden too! But he is going to have a blast in 6th grade!
      In order to keep from getting my updates in the future, you just need to unfollow this blog.
      See you around campus, I’m sure!


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